Know the Autoblog Techniques and How It Works

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Irnanto.comKnow the Autoblog Techniques and How It Works. Increasingly advanced technology makes a lot of media can be used in the delivery of information, one of which is using the media blog. Blogs can display a variety of information including in the form of text, images, and video. One of the blog engine that is widely used today is wordpress (CMS). Various features offered in CMS (Content Management System) wordpress with various functions and benefits of each. Information submitted in the blog does not just come from the owner of the blog, but today many blogs that display information sourced from other people’s blogs. Information in the form of a quote or making an article or blog content from another person without the consent of the owner of the content it is called plagiarism or content theft.

The techniques of theft or plagiarism, there are manual and there is also an automatic or commonly known as auto blog. Although in terms of search engines like google has been providing the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to report plagiarism, but to prevent the theft required methods that can be used in securing public content from theft auto or auto blog.

Many vulnerabilities that could be used to steal content or plagiarism automatically on a website or blog. Public content security from acts of plagiarism is a condition to the public content that describes the security content of theft or plagiarism. In addition, Auto blog or often written autoblog is a website or blog that fill or update the content in it automatically. The process of filling or updating is done by taking or pulling content from other people’s sites in certain ways.

model of content retrieval techniques

model of content retrieval techniques

Many of the techniques used auto blog but from a variety of techniques can be divided into two, through the process of whether or not the data retrieval directly from the original source or concerned.

Web partner here is the web that works with web or blog source (eg personal blogs) such as search engines, social bookmarking, and others. Examples of content retrieval techniques directly from original sources such as grabbing technique and technique of making RSS using email forwarding. In addition, examples of content retrieval technique indirectly ie using the API (Application Programming Interface) provided by the web partner.

Content theft auto or auto blog via rss / feed (auto post email) and grabbing techniques is an example of how or techniques that take content theft web content directly from the web in question automatically. Content stolen or taken may be text, video, image, or audio. Making the target content according to the needs of the manufacturer autoblog.

Some methods or techniques that can be used in securing rss / feed is dengam restrict file permissions rss / feed or encrypt the content rss / feed. In addition, several methods for securing content from theft using the technique of grabbing is dengam restricting access only through the web browser address bar and protected through a web server.

Some blog content theft techniques using autoblog techniques have been outlined and some treatment techniques are expected to help in securing public content on the web and personal blogs or company. Rapid technological developments, so that the possibility of theft of blog content with the new technique could happen. No security system that does not have a crack damage or security holes, then to mitigate further analysis is required in order that the public content can be secured properly.