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By . Category: Buy and Sell Tags: Various shopping experience on eBay, which I experienced myself. I will describe in detail to make it more easily understood. Actually have a lot in internet discussions about shopping on ebay but this time I myself will share experiences to all my friends about my experience shopping on ebay.

Initially I was hesitant to shop online with partners from abroad, but on the other hand, where I use to transact online (buy) is ebay that has been recognized worldwide with systems such as escrow or simply a buyer make a payment to ebay and if goods are not up or does not match the description of the goods you can ask for a claim such as sending the same item or refund the full and in the process of selling or buying and dispute of selling, your money is still safe until the goods are received well or deal as agreed with the buyer.

During this time I transaction on ebay quite satisfactory although there was a slight problem that the goods do not arrive, the goods are still being held at the post office / customs duty. If the goods are not up, I consulted with the seller how the solution. Initially I in order to wait for 1-2 weeks because of possible delay in delivery. After exceeding the time limit has been agreed upon then I apply for a full refund. Usually the buyer asked for feedback in the form of positive feedback. Please note, before you fill in the feedback to the buyer, it is better to consult in advance about the goods had not arrived or does not match the description because the reputation of the buyer at stake in this international trading.

In each country imposes differing customs. In my country if the value of your goods under $ 50 so you are not taxed, but usually only the shipping costs of the central post office to your place. If the value of your goods exceeds $ 50, then you incur other costs such as customs and import duties, customs repacking, customs duties, customs succession / customs resubmit. Each cost varies depending on the value of the goods and large size of the package.I paid customs duty is 10% VAT and income tax article 22 amounting to 15% of the item price.

TIPS shop on ebay

  • Make sure the seller has plenty of positive feedback and good.
  • Compare similar products in terms of price, shipping, quality, materials, vendors, and others.
  • Communicate well with the seller.
  • Ask the tracking number of your order. Why ? because we can know if a problem occurs. if the problem occurs in the delivery or the seller.
  • Note how long the delivery of goods

If friends have problems with deliveries not get to where you are, I hope all my friends want to check in the post office or the first, check of post tracking number on the website is or or Below is an example of image delivery status.

EMS Shipping Status

EMS Shipping Status

If your goods have arrived in your town, immediately came to the post office which handles part of receipt of goods from abroad. Usually items will be shipped directly to your address but if the value of the goods is more than $ 50 then you will be given a letter of notification of shipment ex Foreign Affairs. In the letter included any fees to be paid to be able to pick up the goods. For the period of retention of items is 14 days.

It would be nice if you directly to the post office if it had been aware that the goods have arrived in your town, because of my experience, the goods that I order have not been delivered to my address even though the value of the goods under $ 50 and the goods have been there in my town for one more month.

Thank you for reading Various shopping experience on ebay. I hope this article can be useful for all.


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