How to activate the debit card Payoneer good

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Irnanto.comHow to turn a good Payoneer debit card and in accordance with the instructions or rules given directly by Payoneer after receiving a free Payoneer Debit cards are sent directly to the private address corresponding to the address entered when registering Payoneer  and Get Payoneer Debit Card.

How to enable Payoneer debit card because they are very easy when the card is received, a letter is given directly from Payoneer to perform its activation with step by step explanation (step by step). Payoneer parties provide some alternatives to activate Payoneer card, there are two ways to activate the debit card payoner namely:

  1. Activation using the telephone to +1-646-658-3695 or US +1-800-781-8109
  2. Activation via online at The steps are as follows:
    • click on My Account, or click on the Support center > Activate card.
    • Enter the User Name and Password.
    • Click on “Activate your card”
    • Select / enter a 4-digit PIN number and submit
    • You will receive a confirmation email for activation

Keep your card and your PIN and keep them safe. If your card is lost or damaged, please report it by calling +1-646-386-2434.

Notes for you if you want to withdraw through ATM, make sure the balance or insufficient funds on the card to make withdrawals. Also make sure there are ATMs Mastercard logo to be able to make transactions.

Ok up here my share of about How to enable good Payoneer debit card, may be useful for all of us, Aamiin.