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Irnanto.comOpen a dispute on paypal done to open the case and relating to transactions using paypal. Usually dispute on paypal relating to buying and selling online payments via paypal.

One example of that is if we buy online goods and pay using paypal, provided that when buying and selling goods arrive 30 days after it is sent, but after the 30 days of goods not yet arrived at the place, then we can file a dispute-paypal. Open disputes aims to solve problems that occur between seller and buyer with the mediator is paypal own. You may be experiencing the same thing, so this time I’ll give you a tutorial or how to open a dispute on paypal.

How To Open Dispute in Paypal

  1. Open your paypal account and locate the My Account > Resolution Center
    Open Dispute in Menu Paypal

    Open dispute in menu paypal

  2. Pageviews dispute will appear and click the yellow button labeled Dispute a Transaction
    Open Dispute in Paypal Page Dispute Paypal

    Open dispute in paypal page dispute paypal

  3. Report problems that occur by choosing the option that has been provided paypal
    Open Dispute in Paypal Reporting Issues

    Open dispute in paypal reporting issues

  4. Selecting the transaction id that will be opened cases of dispute on paypal.
    Open Dispute in Paypal Pick Id Transaction Paypal

    Open dispute in paypal pick id transaction paypaly

  5. Select Find transaction ID to locate the transaction ID is based on the transaction date range. Click / select Transaction id dispute case to be opened by clicking the link desired transaction id.
    Open Dispute in Paypal Choose the Range Time Transaction Paypal

    Open dispute in paypal choose the range time transaction paypal

  6. Transaction ID has been entered into open dispute form. Click the continue button
    Open Dispute in Paypal - Paypal Transaction Id was Chosen

    Open dispute in paypal – paypal transaction id was chosen

  7. Select the reason why you opened dispute then click on the continue button
    Open Dispute in Paypal Select Opening Dispute Because

    Open dispute in paypal select opening dispute because

  8. Fill a note to the seller and click continue
  9. The process of opening a dispute in the paypal has succeeded
    Open Dispute in Paypal Dispute in Paypal Already Opened

    Open dispute in paypal dispute in paypal already opened

  10. You please check on the page resolution center. Has appeared list “open dispute”. Make sure its view is open dispute.
    Open Dispute in Paypal Appear List Dispute Paypal

    Open dispute in paypal appear list dispute paypal

Ok until today the opening of a dispute has been successful, to see the next process, you can note the status of a dispute that you make, for the moment the case is still new in the open and then disputes will be revew by paypal and the next process. Make sure you monitor the development of disputes that you created in paypal.

Ok, thanks for read how to Open a dispute or dispute on paypal, I hope this discussion can be useful for all of us, Aamiin


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