Short Way to Make a Paypal Account

By . Category: Paypal Tags: – short way to make a paypal account is very easy. Perhaps many have heard of PayPal. Paypal is one of the means of payment on the Internet. Already many online stores that apply paypal payment receipts because paypal is one way or the world’s best online payment service and easy to use. Many benefits are obtained when registering paypal one traksaksi facilitate online trading. How to register paypal is very easy and the manufacture paypal account is free of charge or FREE. Ok just follow the tutorial below to register.

How to register paypal

  • Sign up for paypal on this link
  • Click register now
    Tutorial Registration Paypal

    Tutorial Registration Paypal

  • Choose a paypal account as needed. I recommend if still early use of personal choice, but if it will be bought and sold online using a primary choice. Two of these options can be upgraded to a higher account type. Personal account levels > Primer > Business.
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Selection Type Accounts

    Tutorial registration paypal selection type accounts

  • Contents of personal data in accordance with your personal data in the ID card and bank name (used to withdraw to the bank)
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Charging Personal Data

    Tutorial registration paypal charging personal data

  • Click the button Agree and Create Account
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Agrees for Paypal

    Tutorial registration paypal agrees for paypal

  • If you do not have a credit card, please click on “Go to My Account”
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Credit Card

    Tutorial registration paypal credit card

  • Enabling a paypal account in a way to confirm the email address you used to register paypal. Click “confirm the email address”.
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Link Confirmation Email

    Tutorial registration paypal link confirmation email

  • Previous open your email (the email you used to register paypal) to see the confirmation code from paypal (usually from and record the code
    Tutorial Paypal Registration Confirmation Code Paypal

    Tutorial paypal registration confirmation code paypal

  • After noting the confirmation code, please click on step 2 as shown below.
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Step Confirmation Email

    Tutorial registration paypal step confirmation email

  • Enter the confirmation code that has been recorded and press the confirm button.
    Tutorial Registration Paypal Input Confirmation Email

    Tutorial registration paypal input confirmation email

  • When finished go to my account page, look on the right side there is a link “Define your Security Question” is used to create a security question (Please note petanyaan and response for future access).
    Tutorial Registration Confirmation Paypal Questions Security

    Tutorial registration confirmation paypal questions security

  • FINISHED. You have an active PayPal account. Click go into my account.
Tutorial Paypal Registration Has Activate Account Paypal

Tutorial paypal registration has activate account paypal

Your account has been active, but still has a limit in the transaction. Limit $ 100 (one hundred US dollars). To eliminate these limits, you can add a credit card in a data card in paypal or using VCC (Virtual Credit Card).

Ok so first tutorial or quick way to make a paypal account. Wait for other interesting articles on


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