How to enable curl in xampp localhost

By . Category: PHP Tags: –┬áMany people want to learn PHP function of this one because of the many benefits to be had from this function, to learn and memperaktekannya on localhost or local server, we need to enable it. How to enable curl in on localhost xampp application is as follows:

  1. Open the folder where XAMPP is installed php. If I install it in C:\xampp\php
  2. Find and open the php.ini file using a text editor
  3. Search ;extension = php_curl.dll
  4. Then remove the sign ; the beginning of the article ;extension = php_curl.dll to become extension = php_curl.dll
  5. Save the file php.ini
  6. Stop all running applications on XAMPP
  7. restart Apache
  8. Start Apache

To determine whether the function of curl has been running well, please create cekcurl.php then save the file in C:/xampp/htdocs / (if it is still the default storage php file to be executed). cekcurl.php file contents as below.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Please you access the files through a browser by typing localhost/cekcurl.php. If the curl php function is active it will display the information as shown below.

curl information

curl information

Good luck to activate the curl in xampp localhost.