Creating Animation Effects on The Web Without Flash

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irnanto.comCreating animation effects on the web without flash is pretty easy because now many web that implement animation on its web interface, but no doubt many who menngunakan animation effects that lead many to be slow page loading. we need to optimize existing resources , There are many ways to optimize a web page in order to quickly perform without eliminating its animation effects.

Few I explain that to create animations, not just flash that we can use, but there is a miraculous way that is simpler and easier in its application. You can use JQuery to create certain effects which these securities would have been bundled in one unit and we just call the function in order to use these effects. Besides the development of this rapidly growing web, the web developers have created HTML5 and CSS3.

A mix of HTML5 and CSS3 can make a powerful animation. But there is a drawback of the use of HTML5 and CSS3 that is less compatible to some older web browsers, and there are some sintag HTML5 and CSS3 are not terparsing well in the web browser. This is an option for those who want to use the effects or animation in your web. You can estimate how much resource, compatible, and others that can affect your website.

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