Powerful Way to Disable Right Click on The Web

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irnanto.comTutorial how to turn off the right click functionality on the website will be explained very easily and detailed. Among the web sites that are scattered in the virtual world, there is a web that have interesting content, therefore there are many users or people who do Copas (copy and paste) in the article. To avoid or prevent copy and paste then one way is to turn off the right-click on the web.

how to disable right click on the blog

How to disable right click on the blog

Anti right click or rather the anti-right-click script that we will create is one of the alternatives or how to disable right click on a website that we have.

Turn off the right-click script is a script that runs on the user’s browser, which is one surefire way to prevent copy and paste the content on our website. This script is a script javascript in includkan or placed at our content.

An easy way to install anti right-click script is to put the script in the head tag or body tag. Script or anti copy and paste the code that we will create as below:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
    var message=”Function right click is Disabled!”;
    function clickIE4(){
            return false;
    function clickNS4(e){
                return false;
    }else if(document.all&&!document.getElementById){
    document.oncontextmenu=new Function(“alert(message);return false”);
</script><!–IE=internet explorer 4+ dan NS=netscape 4+0–>

The easy way to install its anti-right click. How to disable right click will be more effective if we could disable text selection or disable the text selection. Ok up here first discussion on “how powerful disable right-click on the web“, other times on continued again with the article to secure other content.


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