Shortcut On The Web Browser You Need To Know

By . Category: Web Tags: , – Do you frequently use the browser Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Opera?. If so, you need to know the tricks of brief use of a shortcut on the web browser so that you can optimize the utilization of the features of the web browser. Shortcut on each browser is different, but there are most of which have in common the use of features or shortcuts on the web browser.

Shortcut is a shortcut to enter or perform certain functions in an application using the key combination or click in order to facilitate the accessing. In order for you easier access features in a web browser firur then you need to know a shortcut that might help you as below.

keyboard shortcuts and mouse click in the web browser

keyboard shortcuts and mouse click in the web browser

Shortcut to Tab

  • Ctrl+1-8 : Switch to a specific tab from left to right using Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8
  • Ctrl+9 : Switch to the last tab.
  • Ctrl+Tab : Switch to the next tab of the active tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab : Switch to the previous tab of the active tab.
  • Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 : Close the relevant tab or the active tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T : Reopen the last tab on the browser is closed.
  • Ctrl+T : Open a new tab or make a new tab.
tab browser

tab browser

Shortcut to Window

  • Ctrl+N : Open a new browser window.
  • Alt+F4 : Closes the currently active window.

Shortcut Mouse Click to Tab

  • Middle click on the tab : Closing tab
  • Ctrl+Left Click or middle-click (on the link): Opens the link in a new tab.
  • Shift+Left Click : Open links in new browser window.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left Click : Open link in new tab.

Shortcut to Navigasi

  • Backspace : Return to the previous page.
  • Shift+Backspace : Advanced to the page thereafter.
  • F5 : Reload
  • Ctrl+F5 : Reload and skip the cache, re-download web content
  • Escape : Stop loading

Shortcut to Scroll

  • Space or Page Down : Scroll to the bottom of the web page (usually used in the frame).
  • Shift+Space or Page Up : Scroll to the top of the web page (usually used in the frame).
  • Home : To the top of the web page
  • End : Down the web page
  • Middle click (on the page): Scroll with the mouse.
shortcut center mouse click to scroll

shortcut center mouse click to scroll

Shortcut to Zoom

  • Ctrl and + or Ctrl+Mousewheel Up(Scroll forward) : Zoom in a web page.
  • Ctrl and – or Ctrl+Mousewheel Down(Scroll to the rear) : Zoom out a web page.
  • Ctrl+0 : Default zoom level or normal zoom web.
  • F11 : Full screen mode

Shortcut to Address Bar

  • Ctrl+L or Alt+D or F6 : Focus on the address bar so you can simply type it.
  • Ctrl+Enter : Adding the prefix www. and ending .com for the text in the address bar, and load the website. For example irnanto type in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter will open
  • Alt+Enter : Type domain or url in the address bar and press Alt + Enter will open a new tab reload or open a web page in accordance with the previous type the url.

Shortcut to Search

  • Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E : Focus on the built-in browser search box or the focus of the address bar if the browser does not have the special search contacts.
  • Alt+Enter : Open a new tab and pull that is loaded in accordance with the text in the search box.
  • Ctrl+F or F3 : Open a search box to search for text on a page that is relevant or current page.
  • Ctrl+G or F3 : Looking for the next same text in a web page.
  • Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 : Looking for earlier the same text in a web page.

Shortcut to History and Bookmarks

  • Ctrl+H : Open the browsing history
  • Ctrl+J : Open the download history
  • Ctrl+D : Bookmark the current web page
  • Ctrl+Shift+Del : Opening the window clear browsing history.

Shortcut to other frequently used functions

  • Ctrl+P : Open a window or print pages to print
  • Ctrl+S : Saving web pages to your computer
  • Ctrl+O : Open a file from your computer
  • Ctrl+U : Open source code is active or the relevant pages
  • F12 : Open developer tools
shortcut developer tools to inspect element

shortcut developer tools to inspect element

Ok ended discussion about Keyboard Shortcuts On the Web Browser You Need To Know optimize the use of your browser. You can also disable the shortcut to the browser as the article disable shortcuts for web browsers. Thank you and wait for the next article


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