Creating Border Radius or Angle of Curvature

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irnanto.comCreate a border or corner curvature radius on the web using CSS is easy because HTML elements used to be made bordernya be curved can add a bit of CSS code to be able to turn it into a curve. The actual techniques to make the border into a curve is long discussed and now a lot of the website or blog that has a nice layout view, there is the use of animation, drawing, and other forms of layout are varied.

This time I will explain how to create a little corner of the display layout, either using div tags or the other in order to be curved. To create a curved corner or elbow, we need regulation in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This css code which will set the radius of curvature of a div or element you want to create curved. Each browser has different engine therefore CSS code used were different. Here I will describe three types of engine most dingunakan by people. the first one is used by mozilla gecko, webkit which dingunakan by chrome and safari, and presto used by opera browser. OK we just see the difference, below is an example of his css code.

-moz-border-radius:10px; /*for mozilla*/
-webkit-border-radius:10px; /*for chrome dan safari*/
-o–border-radius:10px; /*for opera*/

Css code above is the standard of each browser, but for the latest browser versions or today, you simply write a single line of code into your web css course, of course, on the element you want to set its border radius. Code border radius is as below:


Css code above will support the Mozilla browser, chrome, safari, and opera. Please experiment to codes other css. So much from me about Making border radius or angle of curvature on the web using CSS. Good luck.


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