Tips on Caring for Socks Good

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Irnanto.comTips on taking care of good socks usually you get the wrapper or container purchase new socks, but not all socks include tips or how to care for socks to be more durable again. Therefore I will give you the tips to take care of good socks to be more durable again. In addition, we will provide how to choose socks that is good and right.

How to Care for Socks to be More Durable

  • Do not use water that is too hot when washing. Keep the water temperature does not go through or a maximum of 300C in order not to loose quickly.
  • Do not use chemicals that can damage the fabric of socks such as bleach, dye, and so when washing so that the colors remain bright.
  • Wash by hand, do not use a brush when washing your socks so fast is not perforated and hairy.
  • To maintain its shape in order not stretchy, do not ironed.
  • Do not dry under the scorching sun. Try drying under zinc (hot sun is not directly into socks)
  • Storage process is quite folded only, not rolled up socks that are not stretchy and durable.

How to choose socks

  • Note the size of the foot length. Size too small will cause the heel position on the socks will go down and is easy to sag while if the size of the palm (socks) is too long then it will make uncomfortable in use.
  • Note the flexibility of rubber socks. Rubber that is too tight will cause pain in the calves when using it, whereas the loose rubber will make the sock is easy to sag.
  • Pay attention to detail stitching at the end of socks, socks often use the tip of linking that is knitted by hand as there is no connection so comfortable to wear, not easily perforated, and is not jammed when used.
  • Note the raw materials used in socks, such raw materials as cotton, acrylic, polyester, and others. Each material has different properties, such as easy to absorb sweat, itchy, and so forth.

Hopefully Tips to care for this kind of socks that can petrify you in caring for socks that are owned and also provide solutions in choosing good socks when buying socks.


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