How to create a web out of the frame web

By . Category: Web Tags: , – Some web in cyberspace there that displays web content or as a whole using a web frame. It is intended to help web use frames to get content easily and that a search system can detect the use of frames existing web content. But the problem is if the web that was in the frame does not get visitors directly. Getting visitors directly or genuine without any “frills” frame is very useful for web rising popularity and current web monetize.

Web That is in Other People's Web Frame

Web that is in other people’s web frame

How to make a web out of the frame another web

Out of the frame web can not be done by a user who uses the website unless there are services provided websites that use frames to “break out of frame” or out of the frame are provided, but there are ways to prevent other websites to create a frame that displays our website. A very simple way is to insert javascript code on your web or blog so that if our website is displayed using frames will be out of the frame web or will divert / redirect to the original page or pages that were previously displayed using frames.

Insert the one below code in the <head> tag. Can actually be placed in the body tags but it is better placed at the head because this script will be executed immediately when the script has been generated or read the data even if the browser or syntax in the body tag has not been all loaded completely. This will shorten the working of  website to divert our website from the frame to the original page and use little bandwidth because the data in the request is not all respond or read perfectly.

Javascript code that will be used as follows:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
    if(top.location != self.location){
        top.location = self.location;

Explanation of the above code is if the location or url on the top web or main web is not the same with the personal website url setting of top web or main web into a personal web site.

The original web page after the exit of the web frame

The original web page after the exit of the web frame

Very easy and effective is it?, Until here our discussion about how to create a web out of the frame web. Other times longer connect to secure web the other way.


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